If you’re considering running your boat as a business to take advantage of all of the benefits that YachtCFO has to offer, Archetype Advisors would love to schedule an initial Business Consultation with you.  This introductory conversation will establish a foundation, and allow us to learn about your yacht ownership goals as well as your specific needs, to ensure that we provide the proper and prudent guidance to you as you work towards your yachting pursuits.  This consultation is also educational, designed to provide clarity and understanding of yacht ownership as a business, its tax advantages, and various business opportunities.  Feel free to bring any questions you may have pertaining to your yacht ownership plan to ensure you understand our next step as we navigate our charted course. 

Some Topics covered include:

  • A general guide to Yacht ownership as a business.
  • Yacht Ownership and its tax advantages.
  • Yacht Ownership and your net worth.
  • Yacht Ownership timelines. 

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