Setting the standards in financial security 

At Archetype, we take a different view of wealth management from the prevailing one. Many firms focus on selling investments. We focus on securing your future through objective, comprehensive financial planning. We are taking financial planning to the next level by setting and following the highest standards.  

Archetype Financial Blueprint®

The Archetype Financial Blueprint® is designed to establish the industry standard for an objective financial plan. We believe a higher level of objectivity can be reached by gaining an in-depth understanding of your situation, by having a third party prepare your financial plan, and by having Archetype select investments based on the guidance provided in the plan. As the cornerstone of your financial security, the Archetype Financial Blueprint™ is built to reflect your goals, objectives, needs, and aspirations. It is also built to provide an exacting blueprint for determining investment strategies and implementing them based on an in-depth understanding of your finances and your big picture. An independent Archetype advisor conducts in-depth interviews with you to gain perspective on your assets as well as your aspirations. Then analyzes and evaluates your situation and prepares a comprehensive financial plan based on your stated goals, objectives, and lifestyle. Archetype then executes the plan in your best interest. To ensure continued relevance, Archetype revisits your plan periodically to reflect your changing objectives and the evolving marketplace and may ask to update the plan as necessary.

Advanced-Certified Archetype Advisors

At Archetype, every advisor must be either a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner or Certified Public Accountant to work with you. Our advisors are qualified to provide advice and guidance on all facets of your financial picture, including tax planning, estate planning, retirement, insurance, investment planning, and charitable giving and philanthropy. 

Pershing Advisor Solutions

Archetype selected Pershing Advisor Solutions, LLC to provide essential services for your account(s), including the clearing and custody of your assets at its affiliate Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company. BNY Mellon was founded by Alexander Hamilton and has been in business for more than 225 years. Archetype remains independent of Pershing and its affiliated companies. 

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