Yacht ownership certainly has its many perks, but it also comes with a myriad of risks and challenges.  If you approach your yacht owning experience as a business, you can take full advantage of the various benefits that can be realized through operating a small business, as well as lower your tax liabilities and grow your net worth – all while achieving your business and yachting goals.  

Corporate businesses commonly hire an internal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to handle financial and regulatory affairs; however, in recreational yachting structured as a business, this is not always feasible.  Archetype Advisors will operate as your outsourced CFO, bringing the prudence of business management, financial strategies, practical business modeling, as well as tax guidance to drive results and success.  By partnering with YachtCFO™, you’ll achieve peace of mind and ideal results.  

Who is your YachtCFO™?

Parts of your YachtCFO Plan include 

  • Customized Cash Flows / Net worth Impact
  • Exit Strategies
  • Tax Strategies
  • Charter Center comparison
  • Business Coaching and Advisor
  • Monitoring and Operations to executed blueprint
  • No-cost, business bank account with Pershing/ Bank of New York Mellon

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