Defined Contribution And 401(k) Consulting

At Archetype, we take a different view of Corporate Benefits from the prevailing one. Many firms focus on selling investments. We focus on evaluating the current status with regard to current requirements for plan administration, compliance and

plan investments. We are taking 

Corporate Benefits to the next level by setting and following the highest standards.  

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your current environment.  Elements we review include:

  • Evaluating  current status with regard to current requirements for plan administration, compliance and plan investments
  • Reviewing investment policies and guidelines, strategies and processes
  • Evaluating market-related fees and transparency
  • Analyzing each investment option in terms of asset class, objective, return, risk profile, investment style, consistency with other options being offered and popularity among plan participants
  • Ensuring that the current investment lineup is consistent with the established goals and objectives of the plan
  • Reviewing performance of existing funds
  • Reviewing the procedure for monitoring investments
  • Ensuring that vendor contracts meet industry standards for clear language, service guarantees, handling of special issues, etc.
  • Uncovering all administrative and investment fees and expenses associated with the plan
  • Providing an evaluation of the retirement readiness of plan participants

Once we complete the assessment, we provide you with a Summary of Findings and Plan Optimization Evaluation.  We review the document with you to ensure our findings are clear and determine any next steps related to the optimization evaluation

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