As your YachtCFO we give you access to exclusive credit products offered by Bank Of New York Mellon and Pershing Advisor Solutions.


Collateralized Financing Program

Archetype Advisors offers yacht owners an Investment-based Credit Line (ICL) through Archetype’s relationship with Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) and Pershing Advisor Solutions.   It is a flexible line-of-credit providing convenient and creative sources of borrowing for the purchase of your yacht and equipment.  Rather than liquidating securities, the ICL potentially eliminates the possibility of capital gain taxes by selling investments to make traditional down-payments.  The ICL keeps your long-term investment strategies and savings intact bringing flexibility, liquidity, and efficiency.  


Key Features:

• Structured for financing needs of over $1 million

• Secured by qualifying, liquid assets held in your client’s existing investment portfolio

• Acceptance of many forms of collateral, such as equity and fixed income mutual funds, domestic equities, corporate and municipal bonds and government securities*


• Competitive LIBOR-based pricing is often lower than standard bank loans or credit card advance rates

• Interest is paid only on the funds borrowed

• Quick turnaround to establish the ICL and minimal ongoing administration required

• Easy access to funds with a simple phone call


• Option to transfer funds directly to client’s checking account or funds may be wired to an external account of the client’s choosing

• Early pre-payment of principal without penalty

• Available in all 50 states

• Ability to segregate sub-limits to support letters of credit


  •  Significantly lower interest rates compared to traditional marine financing
  • Same week turn around, and funding of loan Flexibility of payment and structure to pay loan according to your desire.
  • The best way to make yacht ownership a net worth growth event.
  • Keep your assets intact, buy your boat, let revenue from your Yacht pay the note, so you continue to grow your personal net worth.  

Jumbo Mortgages

  • Adjustable-rate and fixed-rate financing for primary and vacation homes nationwide
  • 100% Financing with pledged collateral, Interest-Only Option, Pre-Approval Program, Construction Financing, and Hybrid Mortgage Solutions available

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Financing for acquisition or refinance of office, retail, multi-family, warehouse/industrial, mixed-use (e.g., combination retail/apartment, office/retail) property types

Standby Letters of Credit

Financial protection to third parties by effectively guaranteeing payment.

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