The new standard in planning

Archetype is raising the bar on individualized, comprehensive financial planning by focusing on true objectivity, unwavering accountability, and impeccable execution. Our structure incorporates checks and balances to help ensure your plan is on target and on course.  

Stringent credibility factors

Highly credentialed Archetype advisors, who are either CERTIFIED FINANCIAL

PLANNER™ (CFP®) practitioners or Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), work with you from the start to understand the story behind your finances. They know the right questions to ask and how to uncover issues that may influence your financial security. This in-depth assessment provides a solid foundation to help deliver the best strategies for your specific situation.

Steadfast objectivity and accountability

As a registered investment adviser, Archetype has a fiduciary responsibility to work in your best interests. Specifically, as investment stewards, we have the legal responsibility to manage your money. As investment advisors, we are responsible for managing comprehensive and continuous investment decisions on your behalf. And as investment managers, we have discretion to select specific securities for you. We take our role and responsibility very seriously, strictly following clearly outlined and documented practices that promote fiduciary accountability.

 Focus on execution

Our rigorous methodology and commitment to our clients allow us to execute your plan with conviction. We know that your plan not only addresses your objectives and is developed with your interests in mind, but we also know that it has been prepared and reviewed by an independent and objective third party. Before we implement your plan, we make sure you understand our approach and strategies, from why we chose an asset allocation to how a specific investment vehicle works within your plan. We believe success lies in knowledge and clarity, so we make sure you are well-informed and remain engaged.   

Clear, consistent communication

Sharpe or Treynor ratios, Jensen’s alpha, and standard deviation are not part of our lexicon when we discuss your portfolio with you. We use clear language, not benchmarks and statistics, to streamline our performance discussion. We answer these questions: Did your assets grow higher than what you invested, and by how much each year and every year?  We track a high water mark for your portfolio and report quarterly on how much your assets grew above that high water mark.  If they fall below, we track by how much and how long it should take to be back in positive territory. Our approach brings clarity, logic, and simplicity to complex calculations to help you make smart decisions.

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